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Why have this website?

This website idea came about because over all the years of choreographing clogging, I was afraid I’d lose all my hard work.   I often get requests from all over requesting dances.   Then I thought, hang on, there are others out there who have done the same for years?   All that work and yet most of it is taught once and then filed away to collect dust.   Why not have a place people can put their choreo, download routines, access a link?

Some people might say, “why are you in competition with other websites?”   I’m not, in fact I hope you do go to them often, become a member and use the facilities.    I fully endorse The Australian Clogging Association (ACA) website as a fantastic place with so many resources.    Join the ACA today to access the full member benefits, videos, cue sheets, national dance list and resources.

This site will have MY choreographed dances PLUS those from any others who want to share them.    Most of mine will be converted to the current ACA cue sheet lay out and style as soon as possible.    I want this site to last a long time, but I also want others to leave things to share here too.   Anything uploaded can be accessed free but remains the choreographer’s in choreography, cue sheet and name, thus any changes would need their approval.   You are welcome to send me cue sheets in PDF form.   I hope you enjoy the site!

Please email any cue sheets, inquiries or faults to


Want to learn to clog at home? Some old (1996) videos but still the same


See you on a clogging dance floor somewhere,